We are very excited to announce the launch of our new E-Fulfilment dropship solution for ALL our trade customer.

Our E-Fulfilment service has been developed to help you reach more customers by saving you time, storage and the hassle by picking, packing and delivering directly to your customer’s doorstep.

The new platform provides the digital tools to place orders through your software into ours. We then deliver directly to your consumers across the UK and beyond.

“This new platform ensures we are delivering the digital tools for success to meet our customer needs. Our strategic focus and investments in technology and product development ensure we are providing customers both old and new, with the opportunity to reach consumers across the UK and beyond.” Michael O’Connell Chief Operating Officer.

Benefits of E-Fulfilment

• Effortless logistics and shipping
• Competitive shipping rates
• Outsourced storage space
• Streamlines inventory management
• Quick delivery
• Fulfilment of orders from other channels
• Expands your business reach

To find out more please contact the team by email sales@bristolnovelty.co.uk or by calling 0117 972 4012.

Together, we ensure your business can grow on today’s marketplaces and social platforms.